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Fernsby Bedside Table

The Fernsby Bedside Table is a Nightstand that provides ample storage and a generous sized top. Its distinctive appearance and soft curved tactile edges make it stand out from the crowd. Made from top quality sustainably sourced Finnish Birch Plywood it cleverly slots together for assembly and is held in place by two solid oak rods one on each side. No screwdrivers, screws or metal fittings are required! The two shelves can be used for books and objects whilst the lower shelf has an up-stand at the back of the cabinet to prevent books and objects from falling down the back.


We have three versions to choose from that will require simple assembly. Version 1. supplied with a black wax oiled surface, 2. supplied with a white wax oiled surface, 3. supplied fine sanded and ready to be primed and painted by you to fit the colour scheme of your bedroom.


Both the black and white oiled surfaces are semi translucent and the grain of the Birch Plywood can be seen through the stain, with some brown hues visible. They are not solid Black or solid white like a painted finish. Both colours are resistant to water, tea, coffee, water and cola.


Assembly instructions are provided.


Height 57 cm, depth 40 cm, width 50cm or 40 cm.


40 cm wide in white or black £240. Excludes shipping and overseas crating where required.

50 cm wide in white or black £255. Excludes shipping and overseas crating where required.


Delivery within the UK 4 weeks.


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