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A N D R E W  C A R P E N T E R  D E S I G N


Hal side table

The Hal sidetable is handmade in solid oak and solid american black walnut. The slim table top with bevelled edge is jointed together from one solid plank of timber. The legs act as visual buttresses around the central square section pillar and all four mitred legs have a rebated shadow detail.

The oak base is finished in a durable black finish which is a mixture of natural oils and waxes. The oak grain can just be seen through the black finish, samples of the black oak and american walnut can be requested. The walnut is finised in a hard wearing clear oil designed for use on wooden kitchen surfaces..

Also available in bespoke sizes and timbers.

W: 45 cm x D: 45 cm x H: 58 cm

Weight 8 Kg

£680. Excludes shipping and overseas crating where required.

Manufacture and delivery 6 - 8 weeks

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