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A N D R E W  C A R P E N T E R  D E S I G N


Gordon desk

Walnut desk 1
Walnut desk end view


EC1 Front

The Gordon Desk is a contemporary solid timber desk. Handmade from solid American Black Walnut it features 'X' style legs that bolt to the underside of the table and can be removed for transporatation and access to a property. The front of the desk has three solid walnut drawers, with plywood drawer bottoms lined in leather, available in black or red, or a combination of the two colours. The back of the desk has a full width tray to place electrical paraphernalia such as plug transformers, so that they are not left in a mess on the floor. We have added a groove into the inside of both legs so that an electrical extension lead can be run into the full width tray without trailing a wire up the back of the desk. This also helps to reduce power lead clutter on the floor.


W 210, D 76, H 76 cm.


£4950 Excludes shipping and overseas crating where required.


Delivery within the UK 8 weeks.

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